Why a domain is required

The domain name is the base for your website, since your site will not be found on the internet without this name, either by you or by your existing or future clients. The domain name follows the designation www. and having it will help you to attract a large number of new clients, increase product trade volume, and supply its products and services outside Latvia’s borders.


In a majority of cases, the domain name will make it easy to identify with your business and product, but you may also choose a completely unrelated name via which clients will be able to recognise you in the internet environment. A domain name may also be purchased to protect you and your brand by ensuring that this domain name will not be used by another company and will make a profit only for you on account of your brand or product.


The domain name provides the opportunity to create not only a unique website name, but also individually-created e-mail address such as, for instance, company@company.com. It will make you noticeable and by its use you will be able to prove your professional competence to your business partners.


Serveris.lv offers an opportunity to register domains with other extensions. If you wish to subscribe for any domains with different extensions, please contact the Invoice Department by e-mail at: rekins@serveris.lv, or by phone on: 6729 9530.