More about VPS

A virtual server is a service that ensures the use of the granted capacity, location and memory size of the server. Each virtual server functions as a real server and it operates independently of the operation of other virtual servers. It means that the function of your website cannot be affected by the number of visitors to other websites, or by spamming or other activities. On each virtual server, the software that is the most suited to your needs will be installed. Typically, we offer to install O/S Linux with Virtualmin administration panel and preferred PHP and MySQL versions. There is an opportunity to install Widows OS and other administration panels (for instance, Plesk, Parallels Pro, cPanel or other).


A virtual server is suitable for small and medium sized enterprises, as well as for those clients who need a specially-configured server, but not as much power as in the assigned servers. This service is suitable for clients who appreciate quality and individuality.


To use a virtual server, an employee must be assigned administration rights for it, and it will be this employee who will monitor processes on the server, update software, and install the software that you require. Furthermore, this employee will solve any issues that are related to your virtual server. If you have no expert available with the required level of competences, we may offer the services of our own administrators, who will install Apache, MySQL and any other software that you require. Access to the virtual server is ensured via root access.


The benefits of a virtual server compared with hosting:

  • Granted and assigned resources adapted to your needs.
  • Only the software you need is installed on the server.
  • The activities of other hosting clients have no effect on the function of your virtual server.
  • Ensures uninterrupted operation even in the case of large-scale projects and heavy visitor numbers.


Furthermore, a virtual server will cost you significantly less that the assigned server, thereby giving you high levels of quality for a reasonable price. Even in relation to shared hosting you will save time, since you will be able to adjust the server to your needs and be sure that it is fully independent.


A virtual server may be used by each client according to their needs, which means that it can accommodate as many websites as you wish. You must take into consideration the total resources of the virtual server, and if visitor numbers to your website increase considerably then you just need to increase the virtual server plan. You can do this by sending an e-mail application to this address: